More than just a place to stay


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More than just a place to stay

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Nicaragua: 8167-9135 or 8563-6355


Playa Tesoro

Villa Casteleon,
Cuarta Etapa,
Casa Numero 334
Leon, Leon, Nicaragua

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Frequently asked questions

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How can I rent a vacation home?

Rentals are available throughout the year. Please text what’s app 1 604 720 4484 for more details.


How can I buy a vacation home?


What are the different options available to buy?

Tesoro has more than 30 fully serviced, true beach front lots for sale. All are ready to build with services at the lots edge. We also have over 50 river front lots available. We also can sell you an existing beach front home from our sales inventory. Further, we can sell 25% portions of the existing homes, with property management and over 7 years of track record in rental marketing of each home. 

If you want a larger parcel for a group, or a hotel, we are happy to sell any size that you require from our 185 acre parcel. A fishing lodge operation would fit nicely in our plan.

We also have an area deemed for industry far from the homes, which is open for discussion to create a business. In our area, the major industry is shrimp, fish and sea salt production.  

How do I get to Playa Tesoro?

The home page of this site shows you a google map overlay with the exact location of Playa Tesoro on the globe. Once you make flight arrangements to land in the capital city of Nicaragua, named Managua, you have several options. The preferred option by most is to have us send a comfortable vehicle, with english speaking driver, to collect you.  He will give you a quick tour of the city, and stop at a good grocery store for your needs. Then you will head due west to the Pacific Ocean for an hour + on a high quality highway.  The drive time is one and a half hours, give or take 15 minutes. 

What region is Playa Tesoro in?

Playa Tesoro is about 5 degrees north of the equator, on the Pacific Ocean. So, we are in the tropics. The temperature is almost always in the 30 degree celsius range. No humidity. Nicaragua has 14 departmentos (states), and we are in Leon departmento. The second largest city in Nicaragua is Leon, which is 40 minutes away. So, Playa Tesoro is on the Pacific Ocean beaches of the departmento of Leon, directly west of the capital named Managua.  

What kind of activities are there to do at Playa Tesoro?

Relaxing, swimming, boogie boarding, boating, fishing, surfing, hanging at the pool. Baby turtles are hatched each night from October to late January. This is a price less experience. 

How safe is the area?

This a virtually crime free area. Playa Tesoro has 20 years integrating with the local community of 5,000 people. The relations are 5 star, with foreigners and locals really trying hard to make the area better and prosperous. The examples of working side by side are so lengthy, it is hard to remember them all. 

In terms of statistics, across all of the America including North, South and Central, only Canada has lower crime statisitcs. Nicaragua is a close second in the rarity of violent crime.  You have no concern about your safety in our area. 

What food services are available at Tesoro? How do I get groceries?

Tesoro has a fully equipped kitchen on site that was built in 2023.  All that is needed to produce quality dishes and drinks is there. We continue to upgrade this facility. 

Groceries are available at a mini market along the entrance road, about 9 kilometers away. A full grocery experience is in Leon at the central market, or one of the 4 full super markets. 

What is the travel time to the main airport in Managua? Travel time to Leon, the second largest city?

The drive time from the Managua international airport to Playa Tesoro on the Pacific Ocean is one and a half hours, give or take 15 minutes. This is possibly the most direct route to any beach in Nicaragua from the airport. The newly paved highway is the Pan American highway, and is very well maintained.  This highway is the primary route for commerce from Mexico to Panama. For instance, Costa Rica is the next country south and is approximately 4 hours drive away.

Leon city is Nicaragua’s second largest city at about 350,000 people. It takes 38 minutes to drive to Leon from Tesoro, give or take 5 minutes. The fastest way is to take the ” Tesoro coastal highway”: that being 7 kilometers down the beach at low tide. An amazing drive.  One of the oldest cities in all North, South and Central America, Leon boasts amazing adobe homes, 14 churches, volcanos, 14 universities and much history dating back to the origins of the Spanish conquistadors arriving in 1512.

How do I book the resort for retreats, seminars, weddings, birthdays, and other special events?

Yoga retreats, Group retreats, Church group discussions, seminars, weddings, birthdays, model photo shoots have all been done at Playa Tesoro. In fact, we have had 3 weddings so far. Each event allows us to do a better job. Having privacy and peace is particularly appreciated at our location. 

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Are campers welcome?

Yes, we have a very large parcel of land with many options to set camperized trucks on the beach with services. And leave much space from the homes. 

Is Playa Tesoro relaxing?

Yes, the ocean waves, sun, wind, quiet, turtles is a fantastic detox to the annual stress of living. It is a good experience for everyone to stop and have some peace.   

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