Leon’s new hospital close to open it’s doors.

Hospital Escuela Oscar Danilo Rosales Arg├╝ello (HEODRA) is poised to become the largest hospital in Central America, with its grand opening scheduled for 2025

This medical center aims to serve to over 800 thousand inhabitants spanning both departments and approximately 23 nearby municipalities. The HEODRA Hospital will boast 461 beds and 11 operating rooms, making it the biggest hospital in Central America and facilitating around 2,400 scheduled surgeries and emergency procedures each month.

Main architect and site supervisor Alvaro Escobar, stated:

“The project is progressing according to the established deadlines, and specific aspects of the construction have been surpassed with the assistance of the authorities to bring it to the stage at which it currently stands,”

Hospital HEODRA will feature state-of-the-art facilities including an imaging area, tomography section, MRI scans, and a comprehensive array of medical equipment necessary to cater to approximately 1000 patients every day. Its inauguration is scheduled for the last semester of 2025.

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