More than just a place to stay


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More than just a place to stay

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Nicaragua: 8167-9135 or 8563-6355

Giving Back

Nica Projects


We embrace the responsibility of enhancing the local Nicaraguan community as a fundamental requirement to build a sustainable development.  We have a vision of Playa Tesoro being a town where cultural blend of the good aspects of Nicaraguan and North American social fabric exists.  Our goal is to create a community.  We are driven to improve the lives of the people that Playa Tesoro affect.  We look forward to integrating more and more, as the project moves ahead.


Hired Nicaraguans. Playa Tesoro is committed to reducing unemployment as much as possible.  We are proud to retain only Nicaraguan architects and design teams.  The qualified professionals are available near Nicaragua!


Graded the road to the local school at Company expense. The school bus can now more easily take the children to the school during the wet period.  The salt & shrimp farming areas are much more accessible as a result of our roadwork.


Committed to refurbishing four (4) public parks in the City of Leon in 2014.  Playa Tesoro has taken responsibility to clean and enhance these parks in Leon.


Built a new three (3) mile road, then gave this road to the community. Playa Tesoro purchased a section of land on high ground, built a new road, and then gave the road to the community. This solved an island access problem for many. There has not been a new road built in this area for many years. The community is grateful.


Providing water and electricity to a local school. The water pipes were already laid but the water had never been provided. For the first time, the students are able to flush toilets and turn on the water tap.   Additionally, the power to the school was added by our ISLAND DEVELOPERS ASSOCIATION IN 2013.   We look forward to working with this and a second school in Salines Grandes on a financial commitment to ensure better wages and better resources to these schools. .


Sponsored a baseball team in Leon. In April 2010, our new baseball team played their first game in new black, gold and white uniforms.s and better resources to these schools. 


1.5 years of private research on area land titles to the municipality. Three Playa Tesoro staff have worked full-time collecting title documents detailing the island area land titles.  We have presented this information to many levels of municipal authorities in pursuit of improving their database on correct land registrations.


Provided a gasoline account at Nica Projects’ expense for government road equipment. We prepaid a diesel fuel account for road equipment to grade roads after the 2012 rainy season.


We’ve been respectful of the Nicaraguan environmental process. We have patiently respected the environmental process and not developed our land till the proper authorities have reviewed such at their leisure.


Supported school improvement programs. Playa Tesoro is working with Coffee Bean Company of California and has committed to adopting a classroom in Leon, and assisting with basic school supplies.

We are committed


Nica Projects is a real estate development and property management company focused on the Nicaraguan residential investment home market. We have been operating in Nicaragua since 2007, and know the customs and country very well.

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– John Smith, Edmonton AB

Testimonial text would be here

– John Smith, Edmonton AB