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More than just a place to stay

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Major Improvements of Water System, Irrigation and Landscaping at Playa Tesoro: Well #3

by | May 20, 2023 | Property Upgrades

Well #3 is another outstanding success for Playa Tesoro. Clean drinking water in the tropics is the absolute most important component to a beach community.  Tesoro has 20 years work in the development of the water system at our community. I can report well #3 is a delicious surprise of success, similar to icing on the cake.  Well #3 is located on the Tesoro community club house site. Well #3 supplies the 14 homes within eye sight with a huge resource of water for plants, trees, flowers and swimming pools. June 2023 saw the installation of water pumps, a steel tower, large holding tank, pipelines out to ocean front and 100 coconut trees. The first hundred coconut  trees are set 3 rows deep along the ocean, and are growing well.  Once this test group of 100 have taken root, we will plant a thousand more, with some palm trees mixed in, along the 3 kilometer beach front of the Playa Tesoro area.

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